Arrive Ready

Arrive Ready

You're booked for a shoot, and have been given the instruction to arrive hair/makeup ready. (See hair and makeup article HERE) What does it mean to arrive ready? Is it hair and makeup only? Or is there more involved? 

As a paid model, you are expected to pay special attention to your appearance.  This includes above average grooming and physical preparation. Clean hair, exfoliated and clear skin, well-shaven, plucked brows, hydrated body, well manicured nails; these are all unspoken expectations for a model when told to arrive ready.

If you do not arrive "ready" you are wasting the clients time upfront. This may include removing old nail polish from your nails, having to fix tan lines with makeup, or applying lotion to dry legs and arms. These are things you should have already taken care of while getting ready for your booking.

By not being ready, you also waste a clients time in post production- unintentionally adding retouching time. This includes not having eyebrows waxed, dry skin hydrated, unwanted body hair removed, and tan lines even. While these problems can be fixed in post, they are time consuming and bothersome to correct. Any unnecessary post work could easily have been solved beforehand by a camera ready model. 

Important details to remember when getting ready.

#1 Healthy and Even Skin: Exfoliate, moisturize, and fix tan lines. 

#2 Smooth Lips: Dry, chapped lips are not good. Find a great lip balm and stay hydrated. 

#3 Body Hair Banished: Unless asked not to shave- Shave. Wax. Trim. Pluck.

#4 Rested Eyes: Allergies or red eyes- use eye drops that help to whiten the eyes. Puffy eyes- use a cold roller or ice pack. 

#5 Well Manicured Nails: This includes both fingers and toes. Always arrive with either clean nails, or nude nail polish. Always trim and neat.

#6 Loose Clothing: Avoid arriving with tight socks or extremely fitted jeans. Overly tight clothing can leave marks on your skin.

 #7 Nude Undergarments: Always arrive wearing skin toned undergarments. Ladies, in addition to a regular bra, bring a strapless as well. Bringing nude undergarment options is essential. 

Observing these simple must-do's sets you apart as a true professional by demonstrating your thoughtful attention to detail and consideration to clients time and resources. 

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